Celebrating 25 years of Service!

$10 per adult

$5 per child under 13 years of age

Infants under 1 year – Free

Bicycles, strollers and dogs – Free

Large freight $40-200

Special service between 1am and 9am are billed hourly

*A $30 minimum fare applies for a Water taxi to leave with less than 3 adult fares on board

Quick Charters

Billy Bishop Island Airport (YTZ) City Station

Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) Cherry St.

Island Yacht Club (IYC) Bathurst

Quick Charters require 5 people or $50 Minimum Fare.

( Pay $10 per additional person)

Trips to Artscape Gibraltar Point require a $120 fare for up to 12 passengers.

Hourly Rentals

Rent a Water Taxi or Water Limo in:

Peak Season (June 1st – September 30th)

Water Taxi: $200/hour

Water Limo: $300/hour, minimum 3 hours

Due to expected high volume, we only take hourly bookings outside our peak hours.  Please call ahead for further information.